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  • Adèle by Leïla Slimani is now in store. “The follow-up to Lullaby centres on a modern-day Emma Bovary whose frustrated desires threaten to destroy her family.” Read the full @guardian review in the stories.

  • Carefully selected monthly reads, hand wrapped and delivered to your door. Sound dreamy? Check out our book subscription. Sign up link in bio.

  • Adventures in the Anthropocene author, Gaia Vince comes to @secondhome_io today, as part of the @patternity ‘Patterns of Life’ workshop. Bookshop open till 6pm.

  • New to store (a touch early) ‘It’s Not About The Burqa’ — a collection of essays by Muslim women, edited by Mariam Khan. We’re loving the dust jacket on this.

  • We’re open till 8pm. Ideal for a post work bookshop amble. Pick up your perfect read for the weekend.

  • Our sex tech window display is ready for our #valentinesday party with @pinkprotest and @soda.says tonight, @womb2london DJs in the mix.

  • Valentine’s Day cards in the shop 💘

  • Figuring by Maria Popova is new in store. An exploration of love, truth, the meaning of life and the complexities that surround them all. #brainpicker

  • Niki Segnit, author of The Flavour Thesaurus and Lateral Cooking is hosting a supper club @secondhome_io join us for an unmissable dinner. Read more and book tickets via the link in our bio.

  • This week #FeverDreams and #MouthfulofBirds author Samanta Schweblin joined Daniel Hahn to talk about her book and the power of words. Read one of the short stories ‘Heads Against Concrete’ by clicking the link in the bio.

  • Author Josh Cohen joins @granta_magazine guest editor Devorah Baum and psychoanalyst Anouchka Grose to discuss the most unruly of subjects: the politics of feeling. More info by following the link in the bio.

  • This month’s Libreria subscription was a collection. Three small books with big ideas.
    Treat yourself to hand wrapped, monthly reads, posted directly through the letterbox. Sign up link in the bio.

  • Ever changing shelves, guest curations and displays. Discover new reads today, open till 8pm.

  • Tonight, author Samanta Schweblin joins Daniel Hahn in conversation, as they go deep on narrative psychology, the magical and the real, and the return of the short story. Read one of the stories ahead of the official paperback release tomorrow, link in our story.

  • Ahead of our V-Day party, @disgracecampbell from @pinkprotest has curated a guest shelf. Check out her selection of books on female sexuality, desires and pleasure – link in bio.

  • This Thursday, acclaimed physicist Paul Davies comes to @secondhome_io to discuss his latest book, The Demon in the Machine. Read an extract and sign up, both via link in bio.

  • Today at 12pm, join us and our Language Lab students as we tackle rubbish and pollution in Tower Hamlets, for our #PickItUp campaign. Meet at reception @secondhome_io ♻️

  • Lazy Sunday? We’ve got you covered. Open till 6pm, just off #BrickLane

  • Chasing the Sun by Linda Geddes. “The latest thinking on how natural light is vital to health, our daily rhythm and getting a good night’s sleep.” Full review in our story.

  • About last night… @katharinehamnett and Rushanara Ali MP joined us for a passionate discussion on Brexit. Read the highlights (link in bio). We’ve also got some of Katharine’s t-shirts in the shop. First come, first served.

  • ‪In the shop today, ‘The Orchid and the Dandelion’ by W. Thomas Boyce “To know that one fifth of people do not have a choice about how they physically react to stress should make us more unsterdanding of the differences between us all.” ‬ ‪Read the full @GuardianBooks review, link in our story.

  • Thank you to @squareeyescomic and @keiichi.matsuda for a fascinating discussion at our event last night. Find copies of this beautiful graphic novel in store.

  • From us to you, monthly reads, beautifully hand wrapped and posted through the door. Choose between ‘Hot Picks’ or ‘The Guest Curation’. Link in bio for more info www.libreria.io/subscriptions

  • It’s the last few days of our January sale and we’ve got some fantastic deals on art books. Check out the full selection in store.

  • On Mondays we close our bookshop for Libreria Language Labs. This initiative supports the local Tower Hamlets migrant community to develop and improve their literacy.

    Today we planned the logistics for our #PickItUp Litter Campaign. Join our students to tackle rubbish and pollution, making our public spaces cleaner for everyone. Next week, Mon 4th Feb 12-2pm. Link in bio.

  • Blankets, candles and endless mugs of hot drinks. Cosy season is fully upon us. Immerse yourself in a new read today.

  • Our children’s corner is full of inspiring stories to delight and ignite creativity and imagination. Explore our selection in store this weekend. Open till 8pm today.

  • Magical drinking den and unique event space, our bookshop transforms at night. For private hire pricing and availability, email hello@libreria.io

  • The Golden Ass. Sarah Ruden’s translation of this classic story is a modern, entertaining and faithful take. It features as part of Emily Wilson’s guest curation. Check out her full selection in store.

  • Ahead of our event with @squareeyescomic next week, we spoke to future-facing filmmaker and designer @keiichi.matsuda on defining future technology. Read the full piece, link in bio.

  • Saunter through our infinite bookshop and stumble upon something that you never knew you needed.

  • Swap dubious dates and dire dinners this Valentine’s Day, and join us for our Sex Tech V-Day Party in partnership with @pinkprotest and @soda.says
    A night of music, drinks and a @soda.says sex tech window display. Free to a sign up, link in bio.

  • The brilliant @renieddolodge guest curation is in store. Have you checked it out yet? Open till 6pm.

  • We’ve got these cosy cubby holes throughout the shop. Take shelter from the cold and discover a new book this weekend.

  • There’s plenty to explore in our January sale, the perfect opportunity to scout out new favourites.

  • Another incredible guest shelf, this time by Emily Wilson – eminent classicist and first woman to translate Homer’s Odyssey into English. In it, she empowers the central female characters, giving the story new depth and sophistication. Full curation in the shop.

  • Join us for a fascinating discussion on print, film and virtual reality with Anna Mill and Luke Jones, creators of acclaimed graphic novel @squareeyescomic and @keiichi.matsuda – sign up now, 30th Jan 7-8.30pm link in bio.

  • Brexit – what next for the future of Britain? Post yesterday’s historical vote, we bring together @katharinehamnett and Rushanara Ali MP together for this ever changing and vital discussion. 31st Jan 7.30-9pm sign up now, link in bio.

  • Take a wander through our treasure trove of books, there’s some great finds in our January sale.

  • On Mondays we close our bookshop for Libreria Language Labs. This initiative supports the local Tower Hamlets migrant community to develop and improve their literacy.

    On Monday 11th Feb, we’re running our #PickItUp Litter Campaign 12-2pm. You can join our students to tackle rubbish and pollution, making our public spaces cleaner for everyone. For more info email languagelabs@libreria.io

  • Check out our new guest curation by the wonderful @renieddolodge Featuring books by David Chariandy, Kei Miller, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Naomi Alderman and Naomi Wolf. The shop is open till 6pm today.

  • Thick And Other Essays by Tressie McMillan Cottom: Fresh from the USA, this collection of eight personal essays explores many of Libreria’s popular themes, such as feminism, identity, power and popular culture. This bold debut also has its own playlist featuring Betty Davis and Kelis – an ideal Saturday morning soundtrack, link in bio. – Lloyd #libreriarecommends

  • Our culinary corner is full of delights, including the classic and modern take on Japanese cuisine #japaneasy by @cheftimanderson – a perfect start to the collection as his latest cookbook #TokyoStories releases later this year.

  • EVENT: What Now? Brexit and the Future of Britain – celebrated fashion designer @katharinehamnett and MP Rushanara Ali discuss what the future holds for the UK – Jan 31st at Libreria, sign up via link in bio.

  • Planning an adventure to our bookshop? Find us just off Brick Lane, right in the heart of East London.

  • Hell yeah! #beastieboys #beastieboysbook #paulsboutique #illcommunication @faberbooks #bookstagram

  • @MentorWiseUK book club in full swing this morning, yay! #warm #cosy #bookstagram @secondhome_io

  • Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James. One of Paddy’s top picks for 2019 – YES! this is gonna be one hell of a divisive epic, which is how an epic should be, right? #libreriarecommends

  • ‪This month’s fiction 📚 subscription from Libreria is a special treat of magical realism – comfort reading for those January Blues! #januaryblues ‬#bookstagram

  • Books, corners and secret cubby-holes. We’re open till 6pm today and then closed till Wednesday. 📸: @mylondonchildhood

  • Golden Thread by Kassia St. Clair. A brilliant follow-up to “The Secret Lives of Colour”. Lloyd #libreriarecommends

  • Opening times for this in-between phase. Feel free to get lost in a book in one of our cosy nooks.

  • Last minute gifts or an escape from all the festive bustle. We’ve got you covered – open till 4pm.

  • Libreria tote bags are a gift in themselves. Hours this weekend as normal.
    Sat: 10-8, Sun: 11-6.
    Then Christmas Eve Mon: 10-4 we’re open for any last minute presents.

  • All About Love by Bell Hooks: Bell Hooks writes about one of the most explored topics in literature, love and relationships, in a fresh and honest way. It’s no exaggeration to say this one will have you thinking about things a little differently. – Cecilia #libreriarecommends

  • An enchanting evening at #librerialates thanks to all who came, the amazing musicians and all those who donated a paperback for #echo100plus

  • Amazing paperback donations for #echo100plus – thank you Julia and Christina.

  • Schadenfreude by Tiffany Watt Smith: A pleasing book for the suppressed misanthrope in each of us. – Lloyd #libreriarecommends

  • Libreria Lates –
    festive drinks, live music, late night shopping. Tonight 7-11pm.

    Donate a paperback for #echo100plus to help refugees in Greece. Link in bio for more info.

  • The Order of Time. My non-fiction book of 2018, philosophically inspiring, theoretically blinding. – Paddy #libreriarecommends

    Open today 11am-7pm