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  • Sunny Monday ☀️ — we’re open till 6pm for the last of our Easter treats.

  • Kid’s books, colouring in, Easter eggs — we’re open!

  • A magnificent follow up to her original landmark anthology, Margaret Busby’s New Daughters of Africa brings together fresh and vibrant voices that have emerged in the last 25 years.

  • Opening hours this weekend 🐣

  • We’re open this Easter weekend with a great selection of kid’s books, colouring in sheets and a bag of chocolate eggs with any children’s purchase 🍫

  • Sunday strolls through our infinite bookshop. We’re open till 6pm.

  • Today’s the day for hot drinks and cozy nooks, we’re open till late and there’s #RecordStoreDay events happening across the road at @secondhome_io with @womb2london

  • A mantra. We’re open till 8pm and all weekend.

  • Sunbeams all round ☀️

  • From the brilliant psychoanalyst behind Strictly Bipolar and What is Madness — a short and fascinating guide to the history of human sleep — and why we can’t seem to sleep any more.

  • Carefully selected monthly reads, hand wrapped and delivered to your door. Sound dreamy? Check out our book subscription. Sign up link in bio.

  • Bernardine Evaristo’s novel Girl, Woman, Other — follows the lives and struggles of twelve very different characters — mostly black British women. Join her in conversation with Sharmaine Lovegrove, founder of publishing house @dialoguebooks for a very special night of discussion. Link in bio.

  • Some of the reads from our hardback central selection. We’re open till 8pm for new discoveries and delights.

  • Today we launch the Libreria Podcast. In this first episode, our very own Paddy Butler catches up with cult novelist Ottessa Moshfegh and psychoanalyst Josh Cohen. Check out our stories for the link or search ‘Libreria Podcast’ on iTunes 💥💥💥 📷: @timeoutlondon @andy_parsons

  • Saunter through our infinite bookshop and stumble upon something that you never knew you needed.

  • One of the most popular shelves in our shop. Tote bags all day long.

  • New to the central console, Spring by Ali Smith. Third in the expected quartet, following on from 2016’s ‘Autumn’ and 2017’s ‘Winter’.

  • Every Monday we close our bookshop for Libreria #LanguageLabs — an initiative to support the local Tower Hamlets migrant community to develop and improve their literacy. Support their #PickItUp litter campaign by clicking the link in the bio.

  • Different reads for different mums. Some of our alternative recommendations for #mothersday open till 6pm

  • Raising the next generation of feminists. All available in the children’s corner.

  • We’ve got cards, books and a load of recommendations. Get your Mother’s Day gifts ahead of Sunday.

  • Thank you to @ejbpoetry for last night’s discussion and launch of The Grassling. We’ve got a few signed copies in store for anyone who missed out.

  • We’re putting together our recommendations for #mothersday – (tbf, they’re superb reads all round 📚) keep an eye on our stories 🔜

  • Thinking of a gift for Mother’s Day? How about a selection of books, hand wrapped in store? Ask us if you need any recommendations. Beautiful cards by @cassiaozdemir 🐨

  • This Wednesday, Elizabeth-Jane Burnett joins us for the launch of The Grassling. A lyrical memoir about her connection to the Devonshire countryside and her father. Sign up link in bio 🌿🍃🌱

  • Cosy nooks and seats. Take a leisurely detour this weekend and find a new favourite read. Open till 8pm.

  • A panel of football’s finest came to Libreria this week as @footballlaw was joined by @raphaelhonigstein #tonyevans and #gabrielemarcotti for a discussion on contracts, signings and football agents. Sign up for our newsletter to find out more, link in bio ⚽️ 📚

  • SAFE: On Black British Men Reclaiming Space by Derek Owusu. A collection of essays from top poets, writers, musicians, actors and journalists, this timely and accessible book brings together a selection of powerful reflections exploring the Black British male experience and what it really means to reclaim and hold space in the landscape of our society.

  • Discover new books and ideas by having the Libreria experience delivered straight to your door. Sign up for our monthly book subscription and choose from — hot picks, fiction, non-fiction and kids. Link in bio.

  • At Libreria we curate our books to maximise serendipity — what will you discover today?

  • As part of our Language Labs initiative, we partnered up with @citizens.uk to run a litter #PickItUp with local primary school, Christ Church and our #languagelabs students. Now, we want to extend our litter campaign and get billboards made using pictures the children have drawn. Support by pledging, further details in the bio.

  • “We are beginning to act like machines – constantly repeating.” Thank you Marcus du Sautoy for a insightful evening on creativity and AI at the launch of ‘The Creativity Code’ last week 🤖.

  • Pocket reads at the counter, open till 8pm every Saturday.

  • Ever changing shelves, guest curations and displays. Discover new reads today, open till 8pm.

  • #TBT to our to our Sex tech Valentine’s day party with @Soda.Says @pinkprotest – check out @disgracecampbell ‘s book curation, link in bio.

  • Loving these beautifully illustrated cards from @cassiaozdemir – find them at the counter.

  • We caught up with @galdemzine at the launch party of the latest @SECONDHOME_IO London Fields. Find out what they’re reading and what they had to say on inclusion, link in bio.

  • Max Porter’s follow up to ‘Grief Is the Thing With Feathers’ – Lanny is now in store. Check out the @guardian review in our story.

  • Sunday essentials. We’re open till 6pm. Read more from Diane Atkinson — link in the bio.

  • We’ve got signed copies of the brilliant @marlonjameswriter Black Leopard, Red Wolf, the first in The Dark Star Trilogy. James had to dig deep into relatively unknown African mythology, to find magical and fantastical tales to draw from, for this epic fantasy.

  • “I don’t subscribe to patriarchy, and I don’t think it should be substituted with matriarchy. I think it’s a question of equitable access, and opening doors to all sort of things.” Toni Morrison
    #libreriaoninternationalwomensday #internationalwomensday #iwd

  • “They said, “you are a savage and dangerous woman.” I am speaking the truth. And the truth is savage and dangerous.” Nawal El Saadawi
    #libreriaoninternationalwomensday #internationalwomensday #iwd

  • Feel Free, Zadie Smith

    A new collection of essays by one of the most beloved authors of this generation. Feel Free offers a survey of important recent events in culture and politics, as well as Smith’s own life.

  • “Between propriety and joy, choose joy.” Zadie Smith, Feel Free

  • Vox, Christina Dalcher

    A dystopian thriller about a totalitarian regime constraining women’s rights to free speech. One for fans of The Handmaid’s Tale and The Power.

  • “We’re on a slippery slide to prehistory, girls. Think about it. Think about where you’ll be—where your daughters will be—when the courts turn back the clock.” Christina Dalcher, Vox

  • The Chronology of Water, Lidia Yuknavitch

    Written as a dare between Chuck Palahniuk and Lidia, this recollection about surviving abuse, addiction, her still-born child, being misfit and finding salvation in self-expression and swimming, has built a cult following since its publication in 2011. This memoir is finally published in the UK.

  • “If I could go back, I’d coach myself. I’d be the woman who taught me how to stand up, how to want things, how to ask for them. I’d be the woman who says, your mind, your imagination, they are everything. Look how beautiful. You deserve to sit at the table. The radiance falls on all of us.” Lidia Yuknavitch, The Chronology of Water

  • On Mondays we close our bookshop for Libreria Language Labs. This initiative supports the local Tower Hamlets migrant community to develop and improve their literacy.

    Today we’re working on our #PickItUp Litter Campaign. Find out more about #LangLabs in the link in our bio.

  • Good Reasons for Bad Feelings by Randolph M. Nesse — One our recommendations in our newsletter last week. Have our genes mentally equipped us for the complex social worlds we have constructed? This is an essential read to understand mental well being.

  • Weekend plans? Explore our bookshop and discover something new. We’re open till 8pm. 📷@rebeccahope

  • Libreria opens up to a panel of football’s finest. Top sports lawyer Daniel Geey joins us for a conversation alongside Gabriele Marcotti, Raf Honigstein and former professional footballer Tony Evans. Sign up link in the bio.

  • Sunshine shelves in the shop today ☀️

  • The Making of You by Katharina Vestre. It’s a great mystery — where did you come from? From your first cell to your first breath, this is the amazing story of how you became you.

  • Discover new books and ideas by having the Libreria experience delivered straight to your door. Sign up for our monthly book subscription and choose from — hot picks, fiction, non-fiction and kids. Link in bio.

  • Libreria totes, the perfect size for books, laptops and everything else your travels require. Find us just off #BrickLane, on Hanbury St. We’re open till 6pm.

  • The brilliant Reni Eddo-Lodge guest curation is on our shelves. Featuring books by Naomi Wolf, David Chariandy and Kei Miller. Find out more in store. Open till 8pm today.

  • Some incredible new titles in this week, including Mouth Full of Blood by Toni Morrison, Voices in the Evening by Natalia Ginzburg and William Henry Searle’s, Threads.

  • Marcus du Sautoy comes to @secondhome_io to launch his new book ‘The Creativity Code’ — sign up link in the bio.

  • Adèle by Leïla Slimani is now in store. “The follow-up to Lullaby centres on a modern-day Emma Bovary whose frustrated desires threaten to destroy her family.” Read the full @guardian review in the stories.